Improved Photoblog skin for b2evolution

Improved Photoblog skin for b2evolution

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The Photoblog skin in b2evolution is a simple skin to display photographs. I managed to improve (this is my point of view) this skin. Please note that my modifications are compatible with version 4 of b2evo, the compatibility with b2evo v5 is *not* tested. In addition some upgrades of b2evo changed some of the files that I modified. This may induce unexpected effects. I'm presently working to bring back my modifications in the most recent v4 version. Please contact me. (version française cliquer ici).

Here are the changes that I made :

  • * 1/ I modified the photos Index display to limit the thumbnails shown to the main category to which the post belongs; this allows to display only the thumbs corresponding to a particular album instead of all albums (in this limited display, a link is provided to get the full display)
  • * 2/ I added a display of the status private or protected. This is usefull to remind you which posts are reallly published when browsing the albums.
  • * 3/ I added the use left/right arrow keys to navigate in the album between the photos; in addition, Ctrl + right arrow-key = displays the photo index; Ctrl + left arrow-key = displays the initial post of the photoblog.
  • * 4/ I added links to share with Facebook or Google+ without linking to any remote site in your posts
  • I added a slide show with variable delay

The files concerned by these changes are
*,, _mediaidx.disp
* /inc/widgets/widgets/_coll_media_index.widget.php
* I added 1 javascript : jl_photoblog.js

For non-french and non-englih, you should add your language directory in photojl/locales/ and put there a copy of the file found in the fr-FR directory modified with the translations in your own language

You may want to first see a demo ? Please visit my photoblog. The main menu is in french, if you don't understand click on any item.

A full copy of the skin directory may be loaded from here

Few hints about how to install

  • import and install like any other skin
  • the name of the skin is photojl_121115
  • rename the skin as simply photojl (important !)
  • copy the unzipped file to the your-blog/skins sub-dir
  • inside the photojl dir, you'll find a file named backup_see-warning-inside_coll_media_index.widget.php. You have to copy this file in the following dir: your-blog/inc/widgets/widgets/ . Then proceed as follows : - rename the original _coll_media_index.widget.php to _coll_media_index.widget.php.bak (for instance) - rename the new file to _coll_media_index.widget.php (** more explanations are given as comments in index.main.php and in any modified file)
  • - Enjoy !

Since I'm not a great expert in b2evo programming, I probably missed some points which would have made the modifications more elegant ? Tell me.

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